Trade Show Strategies

"So often we ask ourselves, 'is participating in this trade show really going to be worth the time and expense?' DO NOT plan a trade show exhibit without meeting with Jason to discuss your strategy. His ideas and his efforts at our booth increased our QUALIFIED leads year over year by 110%, resulting in a positive ROI that is trackable right back to him. Bottom line...he not only helped us make money, we exceeded our goals."

Bill Bowman, Sr. Account Executive

If you want success, stop thinking of a trade show as an event.  A trade show is not an event.  It's a process.  Integrate this process into your overall corporate goals.

A key element to focus your trade show strategies on is SPEED of Execution. How fast are you:

  • communicating your message?
  • collecting qualified contact information?
  • following up with contacts?
  • closing the sale?

ExpoVantage is a consulting firm that creates and helps execute trade show strategies before, during and after your expo to maximize your return on investment. We focus on generating leads, training staff and optimizing booth functionality for custom exhibits.

Select the components of your trade show strategy that you would like to improve.

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